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I’m working on a statistics multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn. The Data Analysis Project (DAP), as you know is your opportunity to test one or two hypotheses with variables of your choosing. We are using the General Social Survey (GSS) and the SPSS program to provide our data and statistics. This project consists of doing one hypothesis test, either a Correlation/Regression analysis or a Chi-Square. One test is required. You may choose to do a second test and can earn enrichment credit for that, up to 7 extra points. Follow these directions to do the analysis: Be familiar with the GSS data – check out the GSS discussion page for guidance on that. Look at the files on the DAP SPSS results page so that you know what your options are. Look at the variable names in the titles of the files and choose tests that use the variables you’ve chosen or those that are interesting to you. Download the file(s) you choose so that you know where and what they are. If you can, print out those test results and circle or highlight the relevant information that you will need to do the test(s). Use these when you’re writing up your hypothesis test. Open up and write your results in a Word (or other) file, so that you can work on it over a few days. First drafts should never be submitted! Always edit. Always keep back up copies on a few different places (computer, cloud, OneDrive, etc.) You will submit your paper in the pdf format – find out now how your computer does that. Typically, you can ‘Print to’ a pdf file (instead of a printer) or ‘Save As’ a pdf file. Canvas will not accept Word or Google docs or files other than a pdf file. When you are writing your draft: Follow the outline below to write up your test. Follow the five steps of Hypothesis TestingActions and do each test write-up separately. Make sure you do the full interpretation as needed. Refer to the Hypothesis Testing Interpretation sheet and to the individual test worksheets (and other resources) we have been using over the past few weeks. Remember that your goal in Step 5 below – Interpretation – is to put into everyday words whatever that relationship is (or is not) between our variables. If you choose to do a second hypothesis test for enrichment, it should be the other type of test – if you use a t-test for the first test, use ANOVA for the second, and vice versa. A second test of the same type will not be graded. Please note that this second OPTIONAL test is #3 on the outline below – skip it if you are not doing it. You’ll notice on the rubric there are no points for it, thus not doing it will not affect your grade – it can only add to your grade if you do it! Follow this outline to write up your findings: The sections titled in bold text are required; the section in italics is extra credit enrichment (or for Honors students). Introduction – briefly introduce what you are analyzing – what two sets of variables will you be testing? Hypothesis Test #1 (choose one of your tests) State your H1 and H0 What is the test statistic? What is the critical value and what did you use to find it (df, alpha)? What is your decision about the null hypothesis? Interpret in everyday words what is going on with your variables? If you do a second test, follow the same format: Hypothesis Test #2 (use a different test) You may choose to skip this second test or you can do it and earn extra points – it’s OPTIONAL! State your H1 and H0 What is the test statistic? What is the critical value and what did you use to find it (df, alpha)? What is your decision about the null hypothesis? Interpret in everyday words what is going on with your variables? Conclusions – a brief summary of what you learned and how it might inform us about people and society. Appendix – attach the pdfs of your hypothesis tests.

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