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Hello, I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering. 1) Using course resources and the Internet, please explain the following Wireless Attacks: a. Wardrivingb. Warflyingc. Warchalking Student one: Using course resources and the Internet, please explain the following Wireless Attacks: a. Wardriving – is where individuals driving slowly around in a vehicle search for open Wi-Fi networks. Oftentimes, they would use a smartphone, a GPS device, Wardriving software, a Wi-Fi antenna and a laptop. I try to rap my head around people in the City trying to gain access to individuals, businesses, and government agencies Wi-Fi; however, if I understand this correctly, hackers gain access to peoples personal information by means of them access their information while they are connected to an open (free) Wi-Fi. Do not do it!https://techterms.com/definition/wardriving b. Warflying – this is the use of a airplane the detect wireless networks from the sky. This is done to inform others of where they can locate open networks over a wide area. Warflying allows individuals to obtain open networks in a short period of time. I have flown to different places throughout my lifetime and I can tell you that even airplanes have Wi-Fi that you have to pay for. If a hacker wanted to gain access to someone’s account without firewalls or other measures getting in their way, this would be a way to do it. I for one, do not access the Wi-Fi while flying.http://www.wisegeek.net/what-is-warflying.htm c. Warchalking – the drawing of symbols in public that announce open Wi-Fi in particular areas. First conceived by a group of friends in June 2002. People in this day and age, do not pay much attention to what is written in chalk on the grounds. I am one who is very vigilant about where I walk, who is around me, and traffic. I just cannot help it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warchalking -Bridgett Student two: Wardriving is essentially the act of moving around from one point to another, typically in a car driving, and using software to map out various networks, or access points along your route of travel. This act is not illegal, however, if someone were to do this and then gain access to a network not meant for public use, they could be subject to criminal action. (Tech-FAQ, 2019) I’m not sure if I would really call this a type of attack.. its basically mapping out wireless access points, all of which are somewhat publicly available. If a wireless card can pick up the network signal, you can see it on your laptop. To me, wardriving is a precursor to an attack, and something done in the planning or recon phase. Warflying is very similar to wardriving except you are, surprise, doing this from an aerial point of view. In years past, this may not have been a very common method of mapping access points for the generic hacker, however, with the advent of drone technology, this has changed big time. There have been many examples in which a drone mounted attack has been launched successfully.. Drones really are becoming disruptors in this world, depending on how can be good or bad! Warchalking is interesting, and something I’ve never heard of. It is basically graffiti. Warchalking is the act of drawing a symbol in a public place denoting access to a public network, with various types of symbols denoting the types of information that can be gathered at that spot, or describing the type of network. (Technopedia, 2019) Technopedia. (2019). What is Warchalking? – Definition from Techopedia. Retrieved from https://www.techopedia.com/definition/4161/warchal… Tech-FAQ. (2019). What is Wardriving? Retrieved from http://www.tech-faq.com/wardriving.html -Nicholas

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