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MODULE 6 DISCUSSION Submit one original post. Discussion is worth 10 points. This Discussion Post has 3 required prompts. 1. The first prompt addresses experiences of culture shock. Although this concept is most frequently utilized to understand the experience of migrants, sojourners, or travelers when entering a new country, we can also experience culture shock in our own nations and neighborhoods when faced with unfamiliar experiences. For this question, you have a choice to either: Provide an example of a time you traveled abroad and experienced culture shock. Provide an example of a time you entered and had to adapt to an environment that was “foreign” enough that you went through the stages of culture shock. For example, moving away to college or starting a new career might, for some, produce experiences similar to culture shock. Or, discuss culture shock utilizing the current COVID-19 pandemic experience which has produced new, unfamiliar experiences, requiring an adjustment resembling the phases of culture shock. Whichever option you choose, be sure to define culture shock and its phases in your response, using concrete examples to illustrate. Cite the textbook and the Adaptation Theory article in your response. 2. Second, read the case study below and then thoughtfully answer the questions that follow. Be sure to cite the textbook in your discussion. Kevin and C.J. have been friends since elementary school. Even though C.J. has been attending college out of state for the last year, the two have remained friends. On some occasions, however, both C.J. and Kevin have noticed some changes in the other. Kevin has noticed that C.J. is a little more serious, and C.J. has noticed that Kevin uses derogatory language when talking about people of different races, genders, and sexualities. After being around Kevin for three days, C.J. has decided to discuss the problem. C.J.: “What’s with you, Kevin? Why do you use that language?” Kevin: “Ah, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just talk.” C.J. “Yeah, but it’s hard to ignore. It sounds real harsh to me.” Kevin: “Come on, C.J., don’t take things so seriously. I would never say those things to anyone’s face.” C.J.: “I guess.” C.J. didn’t want to start anything with his friend, so he just shrugged his shoulders and let the issue drop. He felt it wasn’t worth getting into a fight over, but he did not feel comfortable with Kevin’s explanation. Have you ever been faced with a similar dilemma with a close friend, acquaintance, or family member? What happened? How did you deal with the situation? Why are we often afraid to “start anything” with people who have offended us or made us angry? What keeps us from speaking up? Is it easier to say something to a friend or to someone you have just met? Why? What is the harm of using racist and/or other derogatory identity-based terms if the person or group being referred to doesn’t hear the comment? How might C.J. have talked with Kevin about his use of derogatory language without causing a rift between them? 3. Third, after reading the article “A Case-Study of Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt,” you must thoughtfully answer the following question in your original post: This article presents two important viewpoints: cultural (ethical) relativism vs. universalism. Discuss how you would respond to the author of this article. If you are on the cultural relativism side, how can you justify female genital mutilation practice? If you are taking a universalist position, how can you argue that female genital mutilation is the violation of human rights? Do you think the author’s balanced approach is plausible? In your post, be sure to define cultural relativism and universalism, and cite the textbook and the article.

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