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I’m working on a literature writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better. FIRST….watch ALL the videos …. NEXT, read Chapter 3 in the Textbook, PHYSICAL WELL BEING (its actually VERY interesting!) Here is the link to a FREE version (PDF) of the textbookhttps://www.pdfdrive.com/aging-matters-an-introduction-to-social-gerontology-e179630620.html The paper should be written in FIRST PERSON…. I think, I feel, I really liked, I hate…. I think you get the point.WORD MINIMUM: minimum 800 words or MORE Part 1 Section II: Tell me what you think about the videos There are NINE (9) videos to watch on the homepage … I’m sure there is SOMETHING in the videos that was interesting and you want to comment about it… I want you to pick FOUR (4) of the videos to tell me about a WOW moment (EXCEPT the Dan Buettner video, because we are using it for Section1). (NOTE: make sure you identify the video so I know which one you are talking about!!! Doesn’t have to be the whole title, it can just be part of it… example: in the Why we Age video.. blah, blah, blah). What stuck out to you in the videos as a WOW moment (I call these “WOW” moments… when something makes you think, oh wow, I didn’t know that, OR oh, wow, that is terrible, or interesting, or new to me or scary or……) You need to tell me about your WOW moment (that would be the WHAT you found interesting and be specific, quote a fact or describe the scene or issue. AND you also need to tell me WHY it was a WOW moment (My WOW moment was when….blah, blah, blah…I picked this moment BECAUSE). (4 videos @ 3 points each = 12 points) Section III: Chapter 3 is all about our physical well being. Many of us have misconceptions about what IS normal aging VERSUS disease and chronic conditions. No one dies of ‘old age’… we die from organ failure, acute physical illnesses, disease, complications from falls, etc. For this section I want you to think about YOUR FAMILY and the health of your parents and grandparents and you! So many of us are taking DNA tests to determine not only our cultural origins and makeup, but also our genetics and possibly implications for developing cancer and other diseases. Think about your relatives and the health problems that they may have had or currently have. (3 points) Tell me about some of the health issues that run in your family and use the TEXTBOOK to list some other factors about the disease or condition or preventative measures (facts, stats, etc). NOTE: Some of us have really healthy relatives that we might say are just aging with ‘normal’ physiological changes. You can talk about those if your relatives do not have any chronic or acute health conditions in their older years. Use the book as a reference (state a fact or statistic) (Don’t forget to state WHERE you found the information… example: Section 3.4.1 the book states that heart disease is the primary cause of death, blah, blah, blah.) The textbook (see 3.1 Biological Theories) and a few of the videos discuss the 4 primary theories of biological aging. Which of the Theories BEST describe what you believe to be the reason we age, and be sure to tell me WHY. Give an EXAMPLE to back up your theory (your example can be from the textbook OR from personal experience). (3 points) Part 1 What if scientists find the ‘fountain of youth’ that could dispel any of the aging theories and increase the human lifespan.. What are your thoughts? Would you want to live longer? Why or why not? (be specific). Would there be any implications if people lived longer and what might the possible social consequences be in the world (think resources, population density, family structure, etc). (be specific) WORD MINIMUM: minimum 300 words or MORE

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