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Pre-lab is essential for every experiment to ensure smooth and safe process while performing the experiment. Follow the rubrics provided in this page to construct your own prelab. Make sure the writing is clear and the overall structure is organized. Prelab Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTitle, your name, date of the experiment, course and section number, and experiment number. 2.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAim: State the aim of the experiment in your own words, usually around 2-4 sentences. A clear statement of the overall purpose for performing the experiment, i.e. what is / are the goal(s) to be achieved and what idea(s) are you to learn during the duration of the project? 3.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMaterials: Write all equipment or glassware with specific sizes needed. (For example: 100 mL volumetric flask) 2.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeChemicals/Hazards : In a table, list all chemicals needed along with specific hazard information and other information necessary for the experiment (e.g., chemical name, chemical formula, molecular formula weight, physical appearance).For example: Chemical Name, Chemical Formula, Chemical Weight, Physical Appearance, Specific Hazard and Additional Notes. Include important safety information regarding all chemicals that may be used during the experiment. MSDS information can be found online. 3.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMethods and Procedures: Based on the descriptions of the experiment, in your own words, design and describe the steps for the experiment. Make sure not to copy of the exact procedures from the lab manual.It should be written in your own words in a step-wise manner (diagrams or flowchart are encouraged). 5.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCalculations : Provide any calculations necessary for the lab ahead of time.For example: what is the mass in grams required to prepare 250 mL of a 0.5 M NaCl solution? 5.0 pts Total Points: 20.0 In this section, you will need to submit a typed word document including the following: completed tables seen below, calculations, and all the post lab summary questions Part A (page 16) and Part B (page 17) provided in the lab manual. You can use the data provided below to answer the questions. Table 1 for part A: Determination of water density using different glassware Glassware Trial Volume of water (mL) Mass of water (g) Density (g/mL) Mean density (g/mL) Graduated cylinder 1 10.1 9.8 2 10.2 9.7 3 10.4 9.9 Beaker 1 10.5 14.2 2 10.0 13.2 3 10.7 12.5 Erlenmeyer flask 1 10.5 11.0 2 10.2 9.7 3 10.0 9.5 Volumetric flask 1 10.2 10.3 2 10.3 10.2 3 10.4 10.3 Table 2 for Part B: Determination of the nature of an unknown metal. Pick one data set to work on. The identity of the unknown could be copper, lead, brass, aluminum, gold, chromium or iron. Visit the link provided to look up the density of different metals: https://sites.google.com/site/chempendix/densities-of-pure-metals (Links to an external site.) Unknown metal block A Trial Mass of metal Initial water volume (mL) Final water volume (mL) Water volume (mL) Density (g/mL) 1 15.5 15.00 16.68 2 15.8 15.00 16.88 3 16.0 15.00 16.77 Unknown metal block B Trial Mass of metal Initial water volume (mL) Final water volume (mL) Water volume (mL) Density (g/mL) 1 8.0 15.00 17.9 2 8.0 15.00 18.1 3 7.9 15.00 17.7

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