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Principles of Marketing 300-03 4/20/2020 WEEK 5–REVISED: Suggested Written Report Format for 3rd Written Assignment Due 4/29/20 You can email this assignment to me earlier. However, No late papers will be accepted!!! Here are your instructions: You are to write a minimum of two (2) full pages or more, single-spaced and 12 Fonts. This assignment should be email to me. Do Not Post on Canvas. You can answer all the questions in a written essay form which I prefer. Or you can also answer each of the questions below in an essay form as well. Please answer the questions below as specific as you can in your own words or give the definition listed in the textbookor from my class notes. You can state: According to Kotler and Armstrong or According to Dr. Hunter the definition is etc, etc… Take your time and please note, several of the questions have two parts. When you are asked to discuss something, please do not write 1 or 2 sentences. As I have stated before, 1 or 2 sentences is not a discussion. Cutting and Pasting the information is not permitted unless you cite the sources! Name: Course: Title: 3rd Written Assignment. Due: 4/29/2020 by Midnight- No late Papers will be accepted!! 1. What is the definition of price? Why is price important? What are the different names for price? Discuss in 2 or more sentences with at least one example each of the three (3) types of cost which include 1. Fix Cost. 2. Variable Cost and 3. Total Cost 2. Define and discuss in more than 1 or 2 sentences all 3 types of the following targeting strategies and give examples of each: 1. Differentiated 2. Concentrated and 3. Undifferentiated. 3. Define and discuss in more than 1 or 2 sentences the four (4) distinguishing “Characteristics of Services “ that differentiate Services from Goods and give an example of each. (1. Intangibility, 2. Inseparability, 3. Perishability, and 4. Heterogeneity. 4. There are five (5) major promotion tools of the promotion mix? They are 1. Advertising 2. Sales Promotion. 3. Public relations 4. Direct and Digital Marketing. Please discuss all five (5) and give examples in your discussion. 5. How does the communication process work? Since there are some many steps, I am allowing you to describe the 9 steps in at least 2 sentences only. Here are the 9 steps in the communication process: 1. Sender or Source. 2. Encoding/Coding 3. Message 4. Media 5. Decoding 6. Receiver 7. Response 8. Feedback and 9. Noise 6. What is Total quality management (TQM)? Please explain in your own words and you can include examples in your discussion. 7. Define Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in your own words and give at least 2 examples of IMC? 8. What is the definition of a brand? In addition, list the name of the brand, List the term that the brand uses, and give me the sign or symbol that the brand uses. For example: Brand=Nike. Term Nike uses is= Just do it!! Nike= Swoosh 9. This question requests you to do a little research. Go to the Internet and find 5 of the top global brands in 2019 or in the world. List those companies and give at least 3 factors that you found out about those companies while doing your research. 10. What is the definition of the product mix? Please name a company of your choice and give an example of their product mix. For example: 1. Where does the company Advertise? 2. Does the company use Personal selling to promote their product? Has the company had a recent Sales Promotion campaign to promote one of their products? t How effective is the company’s Public Relationsdepartment? What type of Direct or Digital Marketingcommunications does the company use to promote their product? Book: principles of marketing 17th edition by Phillip kotler and Gary armstrong

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