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Homework Help: Solved 191703

Introduction Ethical theories can be defined as foundations for scrutiny of good behavior which are meant for directing the decision-making process in any business organization. For any business to run successfully all the stakeholders are expected to have morals that guide them towards the set goals. These theories are important and they enable one to act in a way not to harm others or benefit him/her, but for the well-being of all. They are therefore important for the success of any business as they call for ethical values and help in solving difficulties that may be encountered. Business Ethics Course Reflection This course has been useful to me because it has helped me understand the idea behind the success of any business. I have learned that all actions should be directed to the well being of many or all and that justice and fairness should be embraced. Also, all steps taken should be to improve the current situation causing no harm to anyone, and no intention of benefiting oneself should be entertained in any transaction. I have also learned that various ethical theories exist and that some, such as utilitarian and Deontological yield benefits though they may have flaws but implementing them help one achieve set goals. During the sessions, I managed to get various important values that are useful in carrying out transactions and how effective to implement them. Firstly, an insight into what these ethics are was gotten and how a few of them such as Utilitarian and Deontological work. Secondly, coverage on how these important foundations should provide security to the development of any private information was done. Currently, with the development of technology, and especially the internet, many vices have also emerged such as hacking and other computer crimes that are carried out to access confidential information such as bank account numbers, debit and credit card passwords, and other important information. These crimes are detrimental to any business and security measures are important to safeguard these data to ensure the confidence of all the partners involved. Lastly, the role of the society in technological advancement was addressed and the integration of the ideas got done. These steps were great towards achieving the course objectives but I feel practical secessions presentations of real-life experiences could have incorporated to boost more understanding of the topics. A comparison of all the theories should have been considered, not only the two. Evaluation test based on the theories applications in various situations was to be part of the course work to promote a broader understanding of the topics. Although coverage of the course outline was successful, I did not get in detail the implementation of some of the topics such as ethical dimensions applied in social marketing on the internet, how ethical dimensions help protect private information about individuals on the computer and the role of foundations in the development of products from information got from the internet. These topics were shallowly covered and there is a need for deeper research on their implementation possibilities in the future should be encouraged. These could involve consulting all the stakeholders and provision of the penalties to the breakers of the laws provided to provide security to the confidential information. I also suggest the breakdown of these broad topics into sub-topics to foster more understanding. This course has helped me develop skills in life that are essential in carrying out business and how to co-exist with others in a harmonious state. As an economist, I have learned that virtues are not only necessary in our social lives but also business. For a successful enterprise, one must possess some ethical values such as trustworthiness and openness. These virtues help one become transparent in dealing with any accounting or auditing statements and this is essential to businesses’ good performances. It is the lack of such values that have seen big companies such as the eco collapse. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If all of the above-learned values will be implemented, then am seeing chances of success in my plans to run businesses. The Decision-making process will be base on justice and fairness as provided by the ethics and this will help create a good relationship among all the parties which will eventually lead to achievement by all. No harm will be caused against others and these will provide a conducive working environment ensuring the success of the businesses. I have also learned how to ensure the privacy of the individual’s information and the significance of such actions. Therefore, I believe this course has helped me grow a big deal regarding good conduct required in carrying out safe and clean transactions. An objective is achieved when all the intended activities are completed and success is achieved. In this case, I can say that course objectives were not covered wholly because some of the topics were not understood therefore not implemented as it could have been expected. Conclusion In conclusion, I have learned a lot from this course and do believe I will succeed in the future for any investments I will make. Apart from the few topics not well understood, the rest of the concept was well internalized and this is of great help as it ensures morals in business. Ways of tacking the difficult topics have been devised and believe that in the future the concepts will be well impacted.

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