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Table of Contents Introduction Problems Historical Background Economy Problem and Solution Conclusion References Introduction The Central African Republic acquired its independence from France on 13 August 1960 as for the previous 70 years, it had been under the colonial rule. The country is located in the middle of Africa, and it preconditions its extreme ethnic and religious diversity. The dominating religion is Christianity, but at the same time, there is a small Muslim community. There are two official languages, which are French and Sango. The population of the republic counts 4,6 million people (Smith, 2015). The country is rich in various natural resources; however, diamonds and wood remain the main ones. The agricultural sector of the state economy remains the most developed one and the majority of citizens work in it. The Central African Republic has one of the lowest GDP per capita which is $401 (Smith, 2015). For this reason, there are multiple attempts to get financial support from other countries to invest in the development of tourism. The history of the government in the state remains complex as there is no previous successful experience. Jean-Bedel Bokassa was the first president of the coutnry until the first multi-party democratic elections in 1993. However, in 2004 the civil war caused by religious, ethnic, and political causes started (Smith, 2015). It resulted in mass devastations and chaos on the territory of the Central African Republic. Problems Central African Republic has the potential for further evolution and becoming one of the leading countries in the region. There are many natural resources that can be used by the government to improve its economic power and create a positive environment that will help citizens to live happily. However, regardless of the existence of these factors, there are still many problems that affect the Central African Republic and slow down the speed of its evolution. Among nagging problems that should be taken into account are low income and poverty preconditioned by this factor, constant ethnic and religious problems complicated by the civil war, the lack of governmental control over the vast territories of the state, and sustainable development of diamond resources. Analysis of these issues is essential for the better understanding of the current situation in the country and a proposal of solutions to create better living conditions for people. Poverty is one of the most serious problems that are associated with the country. At the moment, it is among the poorest countries in Africa as the average income is about 750 dollars per year. Moreover, the national economy is not powerful enough to provide citizens with the money they need for their development, and the Central African Republic relies on foreign donations and help of the United Nations (Marchal, 2015a). The existence of these negative factors also means that about 90% percent of the whole population lives in extreme poverty. There is no access to food, clean water, housing, healthcare services, and educational establishments (Marchal, 2015a). More than 40% of citizens cannot enjoy regular meals and have to work hard to earn money for their families to survive (Marchal, 2015a). This situation is critical and demands immediate intervention to help individuals who live in complex conditions. Another problem is the constant ethnic and religious conflicts that devastate the country and deteriorate its chances for stable development. Historically, the Central African Republic has a rich ethnical diversity as there are about 80 groups living on its territory (Mouhamadou, 2014). This factor preconditions the existence of multiple conflicts between representatives of these communities. There are also various religious confessions in the country. 80% of its citizens are Christians represented by Baptists, Lutherans, and Catholics (Mouhamadou, 2014). At the same time, there are also Muslims who face many challenges and attacks. The given rich composition creates the basis for the appearance of violent ethnic conflicts and civil wars. They result in the weakening of the state, destruction of its economy, and extremely low quality of life. Ethnic conflicts also attract the attention of international human rights organizations that try to protect individuals and help them. Moreover, the country witnessed a big number of rebellions, military conflicts, and riots in the new history of the Central African Republic. After the proclamation of its independence, the state has witnessed multiple regimes and attempts to seize power (Lombard, 2016). It means that the withdrawal of French troops preconditioned the appearance of the vacuum of power and chaos. The local authorities were not able to control the whole territory of the state, resist various radical organizations, and protect its citizens from attacks of other ethnic groups or bordering lands (Marchal, 2015b). Moreover, continuous warfare has an extremely negative impact on the state of the economy and quality of people’s lives. For this reason, the analysis of the country is impossible without consideration of this aspect as it shapes the development of the Central African Republic. The need for the effective use of diamond resources is another issue that is peculiar to the state. At the moment, the development and export of this item is the most important aspect of the county’s export and accounts for about 40-55% of all revenues (Chirico, Barthélémy,

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