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Table of Contents Introduction Adopting a pet Conclusion References Introduction Human beings have always been viewed as social creatures and their interaction with others plays a very pivotal role in their personal growth and development. Our intense need to feel some warmth and connection is, therefore, necessary for a balanced life. It is for this reason that we surround ourselves with friends and socialize with other members of society. However, one cannot always count on his fellow human beings to be available to provide companionship and the feeling of warmth. One can on the other hand be relatively certain that his pets will be there to provide some form of companionship when he needs it. It is with these undertones that I shall set out to talk about the pet that I would prefer to adopt. I shall also aim to positively influence my friend to adopt a pet for herself as well. Adopting a pet My pet of choice is a dog, an animal that I have always been fond of since I was a little girl. Dogs have always been tagged as “man’s best friend” mostly due to their loyalty and sometimes affectionate nature. My main attraction to the dog as my pet of choice is the companionship attribute as well as the loyalty that seems to be innate in all breeds of dogs. While I do reside with a significant other, my house tends to get eerily quiet at times and it is in my hope that a pet dog will dispense of this and bring in some warmth. The playful nature of the dog will also ensure that I am preoccupied with a significant part of my evenings thereby helping me to relax by taking my mind off the stresses of the day. Bricklin(1999) asserts that caring for a pet is a significant commitment and as such, one has to be willing to keep regular hours, spend time caring for the animal and also invest a significant amount of money in the animal’s health and food costs. While I will be able to cater adequately to my pet’s health and food needs, my busy daily schedule leaves me with little time to spare. As a result of this, it would make sense for me to chose a pet dog that does not require too much attention and one whose maintenance is not too involving. The particular dog that I intend to get is the Maltese Dog. Unlike other dog breeds that shed their fur frequently and in substantial quantities, the Maltese Dog breed sheds only sparingly, therefore, making it an ideal pet for me as it requires little effort cleaning after. Additionally, the Maltese are considered to be a hypoallergenic breed which means that I will not have to worry about my friends developing allergic reactions as a result of exposure to my new pet. As can be alluded from the discussion above, a pet would be a valuable addition to you Susan, my long term friend and neighbor. However, I do concede that my needs and your needs are different, and for example, you already have children and therefore do not lack warmth or laughter in your house. I, therefore, recognize that you would require a different appeal to invest in a pet. For a person with a family like you, a pet would an ideal play partner for your kids. This would not only keep your children fully engaged while you undertake other issues but it would also bring joy and keep entertained your active children. Another advantage of having a pet dog is that since it requires regular exercise, you as the owner will be obliged to take it for regular walks. In the modern-day that we live in, we are mostly so hard-pressed with issues both at work and at home that we forfeit the very important task of looking after our bodies by regularly exercising. As such, a pet will be beneficial to you as well since you will be exercising even as you engage in regular walks. In my opinion, a pet can indeed be the anchor that keeps us from drifting into the sea of unfitness. Having decided on what pet to adopt, the question arises as to where to get the physical pet from. According to the Humane Society of the United States (2009), an organization that facilitates the adoption of animals from animal shelters and rescue groups, adopting a pet from a shelter is more advantageous than buying one from a pet store or breeder. When you get your pet from a shelter or rescue group, it will be at a lower cost than if you were to buy it from a pet store. The pet is also more likely to have been vaccinated and de-wormed therefore ensuring that you obtain a healthy pet for yourself (Bricklin, 1999). Conclusion In this paper, I set out to identify the pet I plan on adopting and further discuss the reasons as to why it would be my ideal pet. To this end, I have identified a Maltese Dog, a small affectionate dog, as my pet of choice. I then proceeded to discuss the implications that having a pet might carry. Additionally, I have set out to persuade my friend to adopt a pet for herself as well. From this paper, it is clear that adopting a pet is a significant issue and as such, one should take their time when choosing the perfect pet. One should then provide a loving and safe environment for the pet and having done so, you can be assured that the pet will reciprocate by being a dependable and loyal addition to your house. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More References Bricklin, M. (1999). Pets, Part of the Family: The Total Care Guide for All the Pets in Your Life, USA: Rodale. The Humane Society of the United States (2009). Adopting From an Animal Shelter or Rescue Group. Web.

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