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Table of Contents Biological Theory Sociological Theory Psychological Theory Social-Psychological Theory Interrelationship of the Theories Most Accurate Theory References Biological Theory This theory takes a close look at the human biological features that predispose a person to a crime. This is done through various studies comparing twins. One study compared 274 adult twins. It looks at different areas of a person’s behavior. This includes nervous systems, personality and temperament, neuropsychological abnormalities, and physiological factors. Based on all these parameters, a person can commit a crime because of many things. For example, some people have irritability levels that are hard to control when hurt. This way, they commit crimes in the name of seeking revenge or responding to a previous hurt. Other people may have judgment levels that make them react poorly in cases of hurt feelings. It is also possible that the general body physique of a person contributes significantly to his interactions. People with big bodies feel indispensable and may be irrational and violent at times (Greene et al. 2006). Sociological Theory This theory argues that the social set up of a person may contribute to crime affiliations. The approach divides the basis from which this can happen into two: structural and subcultural. In a society where people are not fully economically empowered, cases of violence are rampant. This is because this breeds frustration emanating from too much idle time. According to the subcultural explanation, the theory says that people may have specific values and traditions that fall in the minority. This means that there is a dominant cultural affiliation, which seems to demean the minor one. The people may have sentiments that emanate from the fact that they feel like second after the rest. This way, they may want to show that they exist. This typically comes out violent. This is the case in many Christian nations with a minority Muslim population. It is also the breeding cause of violence in tribal fights experienced in Africa and the world (Frankel, 2003). Psychological Theory This theory cites individual differences as the main cause of violence and potentially criminal behavior. Sometimes these differences can be so minimal, and others are insurmountable gaps, which separate individuals. As relates to this theory, the root of the problem is that people will never be the same, enjoy the same comforts or love from other people. Hence, because of the guilt and sentiments that come, people behave irrationally. This is in a bid to balance nature. This is what breeds psychopaths. These are people considered to be absolutely antisocial and psychologically irrational (Greene et al. 2006). In today’s lives of people, they wish they can outsmart, make more, receive more, and attract more from people and the world at large. Because of the psychological setup, many people may behave differently if such desires are not met. While others try harder to be seen, others want to impose themselves and get them. This is what makes the whole difference. This is a character that is grown from the age of a kid. A perfect example is a 1946 born Ted Bundy. He was a serial killer with a personality that said that he would be successful and great in life (Solms and Turnbull, 2002). Social-Psychological Theory This theory closely combines both psychological and sociological theories. This theory says that it is possible to develop some behavior, which may not initially exist, due to the social set a person is. The process of making a criminal is learned. This is a simple conclusion that the theory puts forth. When people live in violent prone areas, the propensity to commit a crime is way too high. It is also possible to be violent to be in a position to defend yourself in frequently occurring violent situations. The theory says that it is even worse when a person that is preconditioned to be violent lives in such a case as to allow violence (Greene et al. 2006). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Interrelationship of the Theories The theories are closely interrelated. The biological theory says that a person’s physiques and neurological set up may contribute to violent behaviors. This set up may have emanated from the social set up and or the psychological affiliations. Although many may commit criminal acts to feel the thrill and happiness of hurting people as the psychological theories suggest, others may learn that process as a matter of survival. This closely intertwines the sociological and social psychological theories. Most Accurate Theory The sociological theory accurately defines the reasons that lead to criminal behavior. The social set up majorly contributes to people’s violent acts and the temperaments that may lead to it. A perfect example is the tribal situations that African countries find them into. Another closely related example is the violence that is experienced in developing countries. Criminologists argue that it is because of the poor conditions that people find themselves into. They act irrationally to either get what they don’t have or to disrupt what others are doing. This is mostly an expression of fear and an innocuous lack of something. Social setups hence breed most criminals (Henriques, 2003). References Frankel, R. (2003). The Biopsychosocial Approach: Past, Present, Future. New York: Boydell

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