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Introduction Exporting camel meat from Australia to China is a lucrative business venture, but it has risks associated mainly with competition and the lack of adequate marketing structures in both the origin and the destination country. Nevertheless, as the report shows, starting the business is a good idea, given that the economic outlook of China is improving, its population is growing, the middle-income status of households is increasing rapidly, and the demand for alternative food is growing. China is also a historical trading partner with Australia and authorities in the two countries are keen to promote a mutual trading environment. Australia already has a thriving beef export business in China and faces few hurdles in replicating the same success with camel meat. One of the challenges facing Australia would be the wild nature of camels found in the country, which hampers the proper planning of production and processing of meat for export. In addition, the camel meat export industry needs to develop enough capacity for transporting and processing camel meat to match the capacities available for beef processing and export (Wellis, 2013). Meanwhile, China is also implementing various programs to increase its camel population and grow the market share of camel meat, but that is unlikely to deter market penetration of the Australian camel meat into the country. The success of Chinese marketing efforts will also help camel meat from Australia. Given the demographic and social-economic characteristics of China, the best promotion strategies for Australian camel meat would be direct marketing and the use of stakeholders to provide industry-wide support. The opportunities for growing the market are huge and should be tapped. The market for camel products in China has lasted more than 3000 years, and it continues to show considerable resilience, amid the increasing popularity of meat and other animal products (Wellis, 2013). China is also a notable producer of Camel meat, although its domestic consumption takes up for the country’s entire production capacity. Until the last few decades, much of the Chinese market has been informal, and it has been difficult for marketers in various interest firms, as well as state authorities to form a thorough description of the market. Nevertheless, there is considerable evidence available from the main camel rearing areas of China, on the existence of a large enough domestic market to warrant interest for international firms dealing with camel meat. This is the main reason why a thought of exporting camel meat from Australia to China would arise. In Australia, camels are used mainly for meat consumed by both humans and pets (Askin, 2011). In China, camel meat is mostly for human consumption. Nutritionally, camel meat has protein levels that match those of beef, but it has less fat content than beef. In addition, the meat is similar to lamb and chicken, but with a significantly reduced fat content, such that it would take eight times the content of camel meat to have similar fat content as chicken and eighteen times of camel meat to match the fat content of pork (Askin, 2011). From the onset, camel meat is suitable for people who are nutritionally conscious and want to limit their fat intake from meat. This report offers a background of China and Australia camel industries and then evaluates the market demand situation in China for camel meat. It also proposes a strategy for introducing and sustaining an import business for the Australian camel meat in China. To realise this objective, the report uses two key business tools; the marketing mix tools identified by its 4Ps of pricing, promotion, product and place, and the SWOT analysis tool. The latter helps to inform the right strategy for dealing with available opportunities in relation to the limitations that exist due to organisational or business sector weaknesses and threats. The paper then briefly discusses the rationale for introducing camel meat as an export business to China from Australia. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Background of China This section on China presents an overview of the country under four main factors, namely; economic, cultural, political, and social. These are the factors that will likely affect the orientation of business activity in the country. They also provide a basis for presenting background information about the country, which would be relevant to this report when viewed from a marketing perspective. Economic At present, most Chinese businesses are well attuned to the market economic principles of capitalism. However, they still operate within a social fabric where kinship is superior and defines networking exercises. Thus, as a reflection of the Confucian ideology and the Chinese cultural heritage, it would be observed that small and medium enterprises mainly owned by individuals in China, operate very competitively among each other. However, their market behaviour is detached from larger firms. The smaller firms collaborate, instead of competing with bigger firms, which are mainly SOE. The relationship remains competitive for international multinational firms, showing the lack of connecting social fabric. A common feature of the Chinese firms is that they remain competitive both at home and abroad, sometimes opting to develop their own network of suppliers, affiliates, and distributors (Haley, Haley,

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