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Table of Contents Introduction Common Misconceptions about HIV and AIDS Misconceptions About Evolution Biological Misconceptions Other Misconceptions Conclusion Introduction Misconceptions are mistaken thoughts or ideas about something or a certain topic. Often times, misconceptions result from lack sufficient knowledge, understanding or correct information about something or an issue. Misconceptions may therefore mislead people and cause them to make even more mistakes out of their ignorance. Misconceptions occur in almost every area of life, unless corrected in good time. This paper discusses few of these misconceptions. Common Misconceptions about HIV and AIDS Many people have a misconceived idea that Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the same as Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This is wrong because in as much as HIV is probably the cause of AIDS, a person with HIV does not necessarily have AIDS. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, the disease. Many people live with the virus for a very long time before they suffer from the disease itself. Other misconceptions revolve around the transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Some people believe that the disease is a making of the government, meant to eliminate the Africans, Homosexuals, and the Africa-Americans who many perceive to be sexually hyperactive. Others still say that God in a bid to curse and punish the world sent this disease to people and especially the promiscuous lot. Others says that virgins are safe from the disease, while others believe that when they have sex with a virgin they will find cure from the disease. However, these claims are scientifically unsound for there is no research available to validate them. Another grave misconception is that, two HIV-positive people do not need to use any protective measures because they are already infected. The danger with this mistaken idea is that the individuals may end up contracting more strains of the virus and exposing them to more dangers and complications leading to the development of full-blown AIDS. Others believe that one can contract HIV from the toilet seats, hugging an infected person, eating from the same plate with an infected person, kissing and even shaking hands. Unfortunately, all these are misconceptions because the claims laid therein do to have any scientific proof. Misconceptions About Evolution Many creationists believe that evolution does not exist or no one has seen it. However, other creationists agree with scientists that there has been a change in gene composition over time; this is evident in the fact that some insects develop resistance to some insecticides with time. Some creationists see sense in evolution because of such facts, but they still hold that evolutionist should not use this to justify the origin of all living things from a common ancestor. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another evolution misconception is that evolution is just a theory that science has not proved it. Scientists say that by the fact that it is called evolution theory does not mean that it is not real or factual but a set of principles, like other laws in science, which pass for theories yet they are facts. Biological Misconceptions In Biology, some people believe that a duck’s quack does not have an echo. All sound however give echoes, it is only that a human ear may not easily hear some echoes. The belief that the goldfish’s memory is three seconds long is untrue. Claims that sex crosses men’s mind after every seven seconds are that; claims. This is a great exaggeration, especially now that there is no scientific way to authenticate such claims. Other Misconceptions Majority believe that the hair that grows after shaving is stockier and probably darker than the previous one. Some people believe that after one shaves his or her hair, the one that grows is thicker, coarser, or darker than the previous one. This is however not true, as hair grows old, it becomes tapered, an element that disappears with shaving. In addition, old hair is more exposed to the sunlight causing the dark color to fade away, thus explaining why newly grown hair appears darker. Short hair feels coarse because of the sharp unworn ends. Other health misconceptions are that daily drinking of eight glasses of water does not keep one healthier and that even the intake of other water containing drinks like juice are also good since they contain water. The mistake is that the work of pure water in the body is specific, and the functions of other watery drinks are different. Plenty and pure drinking water is very essential for the body functions. The forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden as recorded in the Christians book; the Bible is assumed to bean apple. Nobody knows what kind of a fruit is was, this is just a misconception. As a result, many people do not like apples. Conclusion In conclusion, the basis of misconceptions is some information obtained from certain articles, or speeches, which people hold as true comes from lack or little knowledge. It is therefore important that people get to search and find facts and the truth of what they believe before holding to it as final. Many people hold misconceptions strongly, and this may have bad results especially when practiced. The common old saying little knowledge is dangerous underscores the origin of many misconceptions.

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