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Public service is one of the sacrificial elements of human service to others because the people engaged in it have the passion to do so. It is sacrificial to talk about the issues that affect people and the events that happen globally. For instance, issues like hunger, both inter-community and international war, change of climate, inequality in terms of gender among others affect people and cause undesirable returns. All these issues pose challenges to the lives of people and in many circumstances, these very challenges go unsolved because of limited manpower and control over them. Every nation has its own history of describing different generations; adult and young generations under which the destiny of both tend to be unpredictable. For this reason, no one is independent of their service, but in the real case, there is a dependent way of life for services among people of any given nation. There is a need that people sacrifice their lives for the sake of the less fortunate members of the society. The volunteering process requires that they identify the gaps in the society that require their intervention (Bilmes and Scot 89). The US president, Barack Obama in his speech called Should the United States Require Young People to Perform Public Service?, narrates the story of his teenage, during which he encountered critical situations after his father had left them. He was faced with challenges related to adolescence, which made him shy from working hard and not to take his studies seriously. He later realized the core aspects of life when he was taking his further studies. He narrates that his mother kept on telling him about the benefits of honesty, empathy, hard work and generally ethical issues which were the core aspects of life as per his narrations (Hazenberg 87). After an extensive range of interactions with many parties and different categories of people, he got the vision of the world around him. He applauded the initiatives that Nelson Mandela created in South Africa against the apartheid regime. Barrack Obama studied the country in different spheres of its governance and this idea made him pick up a thought of bringing change by the time he was graduating from college. Public service also requires that volunteers be a part of their community, which gives them a better a chance of studying the needs of the majority (Bilmes and Scot 67). After his graduation, he applied for jobs in a number of organizations in the country, after which he got employed as a community organizer in one of the steel plants in Chicago, though he was not well conversant with the Community Organizing Business, which was his job. He kept on struggling with his counterparts by organizing for the briefs and meetings with the leaders of the community about gang violence. The meetings were all about fighting for peace among people in the community, getting newly registered voters, fighting for new jobs and setting new standards of living and a dignified way of life. He realizes that he was not only helping the people around, but the community embraced him together with his services, and more so, he found the American nation as a whole following suit to the story. There is, therefore, a chance for every individual to make their decisions and discoveries in their lifetime. There is an idea that the community does not force anyone to serve it, which implies that community service is voluntary (Hazenberg 78). People take their course of life in different forms. While they enjoy their preferences and leisure, they should take into account the less fortunate as though they are indebted to them. It is believed that individual salvation is dependent on the salvation of the entire community. For this case, everyone has a responsibility of offering some care towards others, because being egocentric in fulfillment of personal needs kills the ambitions of others. Apart from being a community server or a famous politician, one has many opportunities of serving people around them. For instance, at Wesleyan in America, many people volunteer to establish programs to cater for the needs of the people in the area. These chances of individual programs establishment define the future of the country. There is also need for the people to volunteer serving and providing security especially in the overlooked regions of the country (Mori 100). Obama, in his speech, mentions the necessity to boost Foreign Service as well as improving security agencies and also make youngsters to get involved in the same programs that work against the challenges of infringing humanity. He comments that the nation further needs volunteers to put up projects that will enable conservation of the environment as well as sensitizing people on how to resort to using renewable energy sources. There is also need for the people to possess an ambition of becoming teachers to enlighten and mentoring the young stars as well as adults joining the schools all over the nation. Works Cited Bilmes, Linda, and W. Scott Gould. The People Factor. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press, 2009. Print. Hazenberg, Richard. Public service spin-outs 2014. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2014. Print. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Mori, Ipsos. What do people want, need and expect from public services. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press, 2010. Print.

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