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If you are looking forward to traveling to the place that has been capturing the minds of the wanderers for years, make a bid at exploring one of the most scenic, miscellaneous and enigmatic pathways in the country and, probably, in the whole world. Lake Waikaremoana Track, with its unmatched 46 km cabin-to-cabin daytrip, residues to be an unparalleled Great Walk. The Lake Waikaremoana Track appears to have the biggest zone of innate woodland in the North Island. This area has been the native land of the Maori society Ngai Tuhoe for centuries. Completely inside the borders of Te Urewera National Park, the tour leads us through the shorelines of this outstanding reservoir for the most part. For several days, the road forces me through the untouched tropical rain forest, rejuvenating shrub land zones of marshland, flows and herb pitch, and an enchanted ‘goblin woodland’, with outstanding waterways, cascades and ethereal gorges of mist on my route. With every uphill stride, the fastenings on my rucksack pierced my shoulders. I was inhaling sharply as if I did not have enough air. At eye-level, I saw the mud-covered heels of a companion walker’s shoes marching over the dead trees and high grass, as they left the marks in the mud in the form of massive footsteps. My knees screeched as I scuffled my sore legs further up the winding track, foot trudging persistently on. The wind was singing in the crowns of the huge trees as the sunshine filtered through them onto lenient mudstone earth and dank fallen greeneries. The growing feeling about another several hours of this beauty and fatigue leaked into my consciousness, as the drops of sweat covered my clothes and dribbled off my brows. It is at moments like this you cannot help but think whether marching in the very heart of nature is worth the entire struggle; but just one brief glance into the azure eyes of the lake provides the amount of inspiration enough for the hikers to forget about exhaustion driven by the insatiable desire to absorb all of the unspeakable beauty around and preserve it in the heart forever. The modern people often speak about traveling referring to it as a way to get away from the habitual and boring everyday routines, encounter something new, get some fresh air, and change the atmosphere. A walk to Lake Waikaremoana is a perfect synthesis of all these features. This place is so drastically different from what a contemporary city dweller is used to seeing that it makes a traveler wonder if they somehow wandered into a completely different world without noticing it. What astonished me the most about that hike were its colors. I felt as if I developed an ability to see beyond the traditional palette humans can perceive. In reality, the colors of Lake Waikaremoana and the wilderness around are so striking simply because they are all natural, juicy, and untouched; they are so pure and unique in their beauty I could not help but notice that no city lights could ever replace the innocent glory of nature. At one point of the walk, I stopped to have a short rest and looked at the shoreline and the rainforest framed by the blue mist clouding at the edge of the green and blue worlds. This was when a surreal feeling of being dissolved in this prehistoric world came to me. All of a sudden, I found myself looking at the gorgeous native trees of New Zealand slowly waving their huge piercingly green leaves in the wind and wondered if all the civilization with its dusty and smoggy metropolises even existed. I stood in the middle of the emerald paradise surrounded by the echoing songs of exotic birds and imagined that regardless of the decade or even a century, that place looked exactly the same. I felt completely disconnected from my past and from the typical everyday life I have had for years, and I loved that feeling The great walk is not only a fusion of overwhelming sights for the eyes; it also has the ultimate purifying effect on the body and mind as a mesmerizing secluded place where life has been flowing at a slow natural pace for thousands of years. At Lake Waikaremoana nature overpowers humans; it penetrates their hearts and produces a magical healing effect washing away all the worries and stress. The further the walk took me – the deeper was the purification. As we stumbled upon a small beach hidden in the ever-present trees and bushes, we took a dip into the lake whose water was as clear as glass to wash away the remains of the burdens we carried in our hearts. Nature and its eternal grace took over me. I sat at the shore looking at the sky crowded with the most magnificent clouds I have ever seen and thought of the perfection of the scenery around with its versatile beauty – sometimes rigid and scruffy, sometimes gentle and tender but altogether marvelously breathtaking. A Great Walk around the Lake Waikaremoana is a fantastic experience for any traveler. It has all one would want from a hike – a refreshing getaway, a soothing experience, a hypnotizing scenery, a meditation combined with an active workout, and a reminder of what we miss out on staying in our big cities for years and forgetting to interact with mother nature. Lake Waikaremoana brings back the feeling of unbreakable connection between a human being and nature that is so often neglected in the modern world. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More

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