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Using your PICO(T) question and the Shapiro Library, locate a relevant research article and attach a link to your initial post.. The abstract of an article often holds valuable information for capturing the essence of a study. However, it is not good practice to simply read an abstract and attempt to apply this research to your practice. Using your PICO(T) question and the Shapiro Library, locate a relevant research article and attach a link to your initial post. Then, choose one section, other than the abstract, and assess the information it provides for its potential to inform evidence-based practice. In your responses, choose two peers who reviewed different sections than your own and comment on their assessments. Did they miss anything? Both peers response are attached as well as my own Introuction Section The introduction of a paper is important in the it gives relevant information for the reader to know what the body will entail but at the same time the information is not overwhelming. The article I choose looked at falls in adults; the introduction gave information that looked at adults, specifically those with intellectual disability, the problem of falls, the reason and risk factors and interventions and outcomes. Falls happen often in older adults and those susceptible falls may suffer injures which limits physical function, contributes to decline in health and even death. Adults with intellectually disability will suffer falls as much as older adults. Risk factors associated with falls in older adults are aging, gait and balance problems, visuals impairment, medication and other illnesses, in order to effectively address this issue of falls it is importance to first identify the risk factors and take steps to effectively address them. LINK TO ARTICLE Stephanie Knaggs posted Results Section As an orthopedic nurse, I decided to choose a topic relevant to my work and practice. My PICO (T) question asks, In hospitalized patients with dementia with hip fractures how does the use of opioid analgesics compared to non-opioid analgesics affect observed pain relief, safety, and adverse events during hospitalization? One article that I found regarding this topic was published in BMC Geriatrics in 2017 and discusses the topic of pain management for individuals with hip and pelvic fractures. While the abstract was helpful in determining the relevance of the article to my topic, I chose to explore the results section specifically to derive pertinent information that may have an impact on evidence based practice. For example, in this section we learn the facts concrete data that was collected without interpretation. There were 13 studies that focused on patient data which were examined by two investigators; of which eight of those studies showed patients with dementia received less drug-based pain management than people without cognitive impairment and five studies that did not identify under-treatment of pain for patients with dementia (Moschinski et al., 2017, paras 20 & 21). Of the studies that concluded under treatment of pain in patients with dementia one study found that advanced dementia patients in their study received one-third of the amount of morphine sulphate equivalents that the cognitively intact patients did and 76% of the patients with dementia did not have a standing order for their analgesic agent for their entire hospitalization (Moschinski et al., 2017, para. 20). This information is relevant to developing evidence based research because it begs the question of ethical treatment for cognitively impaired individuals. There are several factors that come into play such as taking into consideration opioid side effects and adverse affects, physician prescription of opioids vs. non opioids, and accurate assessment of pain in dementia patients. It will be interesting to see what the outcomes for dementia patients will be if we can have a standard of care in assessing and treating pain after sustaining falls and fractures. References Moschinski, K., Kuske, S., Andrich, S., Stephan, A., Gnass, I., Sirsch, E., & Icks, A. (2017). Drug-based pain management for people with dementia after hip or pelvic fractures: a systematic review. BMC Geriatrics, 17, 1 15. LINK TO ARTICLE Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you. We assure you an A+ quality paper that is free from plagiarism. Order now for an Amazing Discount! Use Discount Code Newclient for a 15% Discount!NB: We do not resell papers. Upon ordering, we do an original paper exclusively for you. The post Using your PICO(T) question and the Shapiro Library, locate a relevant research article and attach a link to your initial post. appeared first on Custom Nursing Help. Using your PICO(T) question and the Shapiro Library, locate a relevant research article and attach a link to your initial post.

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