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-the-reality-principle-is-to-the-pleasure-principle-Psychology-homework-help. 1.The reality principle is to the pleasure principle as ________ is to ________ . A. ID; SUPEREGO B. EGO; SUPEREGO C. ID; EGO D. EGO; ID 2.Jung called the young heroes and nurturing mother figures of both ancient and modern literature A. ARCHETYPES. B. IDOLS. C. IDEOGRAPHIC. D. CULTURE SPECIFIC. 3. Which theorist conceived the inferiority complex? A. KAREN HORNEY B. CARL JUNG C. ALFRED ADLER D. SIGMUND FREUD 4. Individualistic cultures are to collectivist cultures as ________ is to ________ . A. CONFORMITY; INDEPENDENCE B. SELF-SUFFICIENCY; COOPERATION C. ASIA; WESTERN EUROPE D. STATUS RELATED TO GROUP WELFARE; STATUS RELATED TO WEALTH 5. Phrenologists assessed intelligence and other personality traits by A. FEELING BUMPS ON PEOPLE S HEADS. B. INTERVIEWING PEOPLE. C. MEASURING THE SIZE OF PEOPLE S HEADS. D. NOTING PEOPLE S PHYSIQUES. 6. Harry had a big fight with his mother the day before she died. At first, he felt tremendous guilt each time that he thought about it. Now, a month later, he has totally forgotten not only why they were fighting but that they ever argued at all. Harry is using which defense mechanism? A. REGRESSION B. REACTION FORMATION C. DISPLACEMENT D. REPRESSION 7. Eddie is three years old. According to Freud s theory of the psychosexual stages of development, in the next two years, Eddie s sexual energies will be A. FOCUSED ON HIS ANAL AREA. B. LATENT. C. FOCUSED ON HIS MOUTH AREA. D. FOCUSED ON HIS GENITALS. 8. Raiza is not particularly anxious, outgoing, conventional, or organized. She is, however, extremely sensitive to other people s needs. She would score HIGH on which of the Big Five factors? A. NEUROTICISM B. AGREEABLENESS C. CONSCIENTIOUSNESS D. EXTRAVERSION 9. Theodore has an internal locus of control. When he got an A on the chemistry test, he might have likely said, A. MY STUDYING FINALLY PAID OFF. B. HE IS ONE GREAT TEACHER. I NEVER DID SO WELL BEFORE. C. WHAT LUCK, HE HAPPENED TO ASK ONLY QUESTIONS FOR WHICH I KNEW THE ANSWERS. D. I NEVER GOT AN A BEFORE THIS MUST HAVE BEEN A REAL EASY TEST. 10. Rob thinks that all women are only after him for his money. According to Mischel, that is an example of which of Rob s cognitive person variables? A. SELF-REGULATORY SYSTEMS AND PLANS B. EXPECTANCIES C. ENCODING STRATEGIES D. COMPETENCIES 11. Research has supported the existence of which of the following Freudian concepts? A. ID B. THE OEDIPUS COMPLEX C. PENIS ENVY D. DEFENSE MECHANISMS 12. On Peter s report card, the teacher wrote: Peter is a sociable and enthusiastic child. He is conscientious when it comes to taking care of the hamsters and guinea pigs, but is otherwise very sloppy, forgetful, and disorganized. Which of the above refers to a secondary trait? A. ENTHUSIASTIC B. CONSCIENTIOUS C. SLOPPY D. DISORGANIZED 13. Which of the following is TRUE about Raymond Cattell s source traits: A. THEY OCCUR IN CLUSTERS AND ARE ASSOCIATED WITH ADJECTIVES COMMONLY USED TO DESCRIBE THE PERSONALITY. B. THERE ARE A TOTAL OF FIVE OF THEM. C. THEY ARE EASILY INFERRED FROM OBSERVING A PERSON S BEHAVIOR. D. THEY RE MEASURED ON A CONTINUUM. 14. A child in a collectivist culture, unlike an American child, is likely to be taught A. THAT THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE. B. THAT THE NAIL THAT STANDS OUT GETS POUNDED DOWN. C. TO BLOW HIS OWN HORN. D. TO MARCH TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER. 15. Why was the MMPI-2 developed? A. TO HELP CLINICIANS DIAGNOSE PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS. B. TO COMPARE A PERSON S SELF-ASSESSMENT WITH AN ASSESSMENT BY A CLOSE ACQUAINTANCE OF THE PERSON C. TO MEASURE PERSONALITY TRAITS FOUND IN THE GENERAL POPULATION D. TO ASSESS THE BIG FIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS. 16. Because Eileen saw animals, but not people, in every one of the 10 Rorschach cards, the examiner noted that she may A. BE IMPULSIVE AND RESTLESS. B. HAVE DIFFICULTIES RELATING TO OTHER PEOPLE. C. BE CREATIVE AND INTELLIGENT. D. BE OBSESSIVE AND COMPULSIVE. Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you. We assure you an A+ quality paper that is free from plagiarism. Order now for an Amazing Discount! Use Discount Code Newclient for a 15% Discount!NB: We do not resell papers. Upon ordering, we do an original paper exclusively for you. The post -the-reality-principle-is-to-the-pleasure-principle-Psychology-homework-help appeared first on Custom Nursing Help. -the-reality-principle-is-to-the-pleasure-principle-Psychology-homework-help

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